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your life has been worthwhile.
-Sr. Mary Christelle Macaluso 
Essentials Program

An Ongoing Urgent Situation                                                                                             


For many of us, being able to run out to the store to pick up simple hygiene items that we need is a luxury that we take for granted. The harsh reality for orphanages is that they simply Do Not Have daily needed items. Lack of toiletries and supplies often cause great worry among the orphanage staff and create unsanitary living conditions for the children.


Due to lack of funds:

  • Many orphanage buildings (pre-World War II construction) lack adequate plumbing and must resort to using non-flushable toilets (mainly concrete pits) and outhouses.
  • Children use their hands or whatever they are able to find because there simply isn't any toilet tissue.
  • Girls face the reality of having to use old sheets (broken down into rags) in lieu of sanitary napkins.
  • Bedridden disabled youth lack the regular supply of diapers to help keep them dry day and night.
  • The majority of children living in orphanage care are only permitted to bathe (cold showers) four to five times monthly. Soap and shampoo are often in short supply or simply unavailable.
  • Soiled undergarments are a common occurrence among these children. There often times is not enough laundry soap to keep up with the high volume of clothing to wash.
  • The transmission (via hand to mouth) of a highly infectious intestinal parasite called giardiasis, as well as head lice, are easily widespread among institutionalized children and the staff members who care for them.


All of these factors compound the issue of maintaining regular good hygiene throughout the orphanages.


Supplies needed on a continual basis:

  • Feminine napkins
  • Diapers, size 4-5
  • Toothpaste and toothbrushes
  • Toilet paper
  • Soap and shampoo
  • Socks and underwear
  • First aid supplies


There are several ways to help!

  • Make a monetary donation (see donation instructions below)
  • Purchase ESSENTIAL items from our WISHLIST
  • Solicit for donations from local grocery stores, medical supply companies and dental offices
  • Hold a "Sock and Underwear" drive in your community
  • Contact us if you have donations that you would like to donate to An Orphan Smiles within the US 


Please help now to provide needed hygiene items for our supported orphanages.  A little bit of help, can go a very long ways!


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 Essentials Program Contact:  Angie

Yes! I would like to contribute toward sending Essential items to the orphanages. 

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Other Ways That You Can Help

We are continually seeking like-new/gently used Youth size clothing for both winter and summer seasons.  If you have clothing that your child no longer wears or has outgrown, please consider donating these items as "In-Kind Donations" to An Orphan Smiles.   Items needed include (but are not limited to) winter coats, hoodies, sweaters, thermals, jeans, sweatpants, pajamas, t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, shoes, sandals and slippers.  Like-new/gently used items should not have any rips, tears or stains.  For more information please contact Angie



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