If you have made another person on this earth smile,
your life has been worthwhile.
-Sr. Mary Christelle Macaluso 
Feed the Mind - Graduate Support Center

The Graduate Support Center for orphanage graduates in Kiev is invaluable in the support and help it provides to orphans who graduate from the orphanage system.

Once a month the Graduate Support Center hosts a Life Skills Group Meeting. These monthly get togethers are open to all the Orphanage Graduates and provides training and support related to Life Skills. Some of the topics covered with handout materials include money management, computer training, employment, housing, safety and medical issues, but really the graduates can get help on just about any crisis they may be facing. It also serves as a social opportunity for the graduates where they share pizza and have a good time. It also serves as an opportunity for those mentoring the graduates to assess who is doing "okay" and who needs help. These meetings are very important and very well attended.

Typically, expenses for this critical monthly gathering is approximately $75 per meeting.  An Orphan Smiles would like to be able to cover this monthly expense for the Graduate Support Center. Please consider a donation in any amount to offset this expense.

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