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GAP - Sending a Parcel

Here are guidelines for shipping a package to your sponsored Grad.

Keep it simple, standard, and affordable: school supplies, shampoo**, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, bath towel, washcloth, 6 pk underwear, 6 pk dark socks, lip balm, bottle lotion**, brush, roll of toilet paper, box of Kleenex, Stridex acne pads, deodorant, “bars” of laundry soap (Fels-Naptha or equivalent)

**Please make sure that shampoo and lotion bottle lids are tightly in place, and tape caps shut. Please also place shampoo and lotion in zip lock bags, and double-bag them to help eliminate possible leakage while in route.

Special Note - for female students: due to tremendous need, please consider including in each package a pack of 24-32 feminine napkins (no tampons please). Wal-Mart Equate brand offers great prices for “regular” maxi-pads.


Although it is not required, you may send New / Like New (no stains, rips, tears, missing buttons, etc) items to your student. Every student is in great need of everything. Please remember the upcoming season and anticipated temperature changes if you desire to send your student clothing.

Please also note, that although the need is great for most clothing items, it is not necessary to provide your child with a complete new wardrobe. The children are known to wear frequently the same clothing item and do not change their clothes often. They also tend to “save” many clothing items for special occasions and then grow out of them. We recommend sending one nice shirt, one sweater, one pair of jeans or pants, etc., at a time.

Suggested clothing ideas based on known student needs:

  • Coats
  • Gloves, scarf, mittens
  • Jeans, pants, athletic pants / sweat suits
  • Sweaters, hoodies, thermals
  • Sturdy shoes, snow boots
  • 1-piece swimsuits for girls, swim trunks for boys, beach towel, shorts, t-shirts

Items to avoid sending:

  • Chocolate and caramels
  • Anything that has the ability to melt
  • War toys, toy guns, or related games
  • Gum
  • Poker/gambling games
  • Hair conditioner
  • Perishable snack foods (no yogurt covered nuts, chocolate, pudding cups, meat / dairy products).
  • *Pre-packaged Trail mix, nuts, and hard candies are OK to send.

Sending a Package

Please refer to the An Orphan Smiles Shipping webpage for specific instructions on how to ship a package. Choose whichever shipping method is best for shipping your package to Mykolaivka Internat. Be sure to obtain the tracking number from the shipping company when you ship your package. This tracking number will inform you when your package is received by Mykolaivka.

For your convenience, we have already prepared a package shipping label (below). Please print and affix to your box with clear strapping tape.

Contact shipping@AnOrphanSmiles.org for an “internal box number”. At your request, an AOS internal box number can be assigned to your package and returned to you (in label format) so that you can print and affix it to your box. Upon receipt, the orphanage director will report back to An Orphan Smiles the AOS internal box numbers.

**Important: Please note that the shipping label for Mykolaivka does not bear your sponsored student’s name. Rather, it is addressed directly to the orphanage director. This is necessary if you are sending your parcel thru the postal service as the post office will contact the orphanage director (only) to come and pick up all packages that have arrived.

It will be important to place your student’s first and last name (translated in Russian and printed on an 8”x11” sheet of paper, in large size font) on top of your package prior to closing it. An Orphan Smiles, Inc. will help you with this translation.

GAP- Mykolaivka Package Mailing Label

   Download  Mykolaivka Internat shipping label.

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