If you have made another person on this earth smile,
your life has been worthwhile.
-Sr. Mary Christelle Macaluso 
Kyiv Students

An Orphan Smiles is seeking sponsors for our 2013 Graduates of Kyiv.   This year there are six children aging out of the orphanage.

If you would like to sponsor an upcoming June 2013 graduate of Kyiv, please contact Leslie.


Click here for a printable description of the GAP program at Kyiv.


JUNE 2013 Graduate Students 


**ON HOLD** Lena Z - Birthday 10/17/1996. Lena is planning to enroll in a culinary school to become a chef. She is the main helper in her group at the orphanage. She takes care of younger children and helps caretakers in day-to-day tasks. Lena likes listening to the music and cooking. Lena is not sure where she will be living after leaving the orphanage in June. 

Katya I - Birthday 3/20/1995 SPONSORED. Just like other girls from Kyiv, Katya wants to enroll in a culinary school and become a chef. Katya will be living in a Half-Way House which is located at the orphanage and run by a local charitable organization. Katya is a very quiet girl and she likes to be alone, listening to the music. Katya also does embroidery.

Maksim - Birthday 1/1/96SPONSORED Maksim has had a very difficult life.  He almost starved to death and was put in a hospital. Food is still his favorite thing about Kyiv. Maksim's birthday is on January 1st and this year he had a birthday party for the very first time in his life.  He is a very mild and quiet boy. He is very friendly and gets along very well with people. Maksim likes helping younger children with homework or playing with them outside. He likes watching TV and playing computer games.  Maksim is attending shoemaking school and will graduate in 2016.










Former Kyiv Graduates - Currently sponsored


Sveta T (Born November 9, 1991) SPONSORED 

Larger view of photo collage.

Sveta T is expected to graduate in June 2014. She has been a diligent student in the culinary school and he teachers are happy with her progress. The work is challenging for her but she tries her best. Sveta is living with her older brother. Their apartment is very far from the orphanage so Sveta only comes to our monthly meetings. Thanks to Margaret for helping Sveta.





Tolik S (Born October 9, 1992) SPONSORED



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Tolik S is finishing his 3rd year at the culinary school and is expected to graduate in June 2014. He is still everyone's pride and joy - he has been an excellent student and one of the best soccer players in his school, and our biggest helper at the orphanage. Tolik has been coaching children at the orphanage in soccer, escorting children to hospitals, shoveling snow, and helping orphanage workers in a million other ways. Everyone at Kyiv thinks very highly of Tolik and appreciates his help enourmously. Unfortunately,Tolik is still moving from one friend to another because he has no place to live. Special thanks to the Walker family who are sponsoring Tolik.





Vitaliy P (Born August 14, 1993) SPONSORED


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Vitalik P is actually going to graduate in 2014, not this year. Vitalik's teachers are very happy with him. He is never late for school and does his best in studying. Nadya (Vitalik's older sister) is still taking good care of Vitalik. Even though she is just a couple years older she is really like a mom to him. Nadya has been unemployed for some time but now she is working as a hair dresser. She comes to cut children's hair at the orphanage sometimes.  Vitalik is still very shy and quiet. When he comes to the group meetings he doesn't talk much and he blushes every time someone tries to talk to him or when I take his photo. 






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Zhenya P is enjoying his course at the culinary school and has been getting very good grades and reports from his teachers. He is expected to graduate in June 2014. Zhenya comes to the orphanage every single day and goes home only for the night. Zhenya helps orphanage workers in many different ways and everyone really appreciates him. He is happy that Tiffany and her family are his sponsors.