If you have made another person on this earth smile,
your life has been worthwhile.
-Sr. Mary Christelle Macaluso 
Mykolaivka "KIDS" Sponsorship Program


Kindness Is Donating Smiles


Program Contacts: 

New Sponsors/News/Program Reminders: Missy 
Orphanage Liaison/General Questions: Christina 
Translator Coordinator: Kathy 

An Orphan Smiles is pleased to provide an avenue of hope and relief for many orphaned children living at Mykolaivka Internat. Mykolaivka Internat is a “boarding school for orphans” ages 6 through 18 years. The majority of these children have been orphaned due to circumstances of economic poverty and/or the death of their parents. There are approximately 115 children who live and are educated at this institution.


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For full details about the KIDS Sponsorship Program please click HERE for a printable document.  To best help the children it is important that all sponsors read the program description.









 The sponsorship program consists of:

  • A monthly sponsorship fee of $10 per child
  • Letter writing
  • An optional holiday and/or birthday gift for the sponsored child
  • Optional packages sent to your sponsored child's entire class

The sponsorship fee will cover the following:




An Orphan Smiles provides regular and supplemental supplies of soap, shampoo, toothpaste, feminine napkins, socks, underwear and seasonal clothing to help meet the physical needs of each child.


Educational/Recreational Development

An Orphan Smiles provides supplies and educational materials to further educational goals and other supplies to foster arts and crafts and recreational activities.


Birthday Club and Special Celebrations

Each month An Orphan Smiles will help host a birthday party at Mykolaivka Internat for all the children who have birthdays during that month.  An Orphan Smiles also provides for the celebration of other holidays and special occasions.


Letter Translations, Distribution & In-Country Expenses

A portion of the annual fee covers postage, stationary supplies, ink, internet service, and other administrative supplies to maintain communication and letter writing between the sponsor and child.




Mail your dues payment to:

An Orphan Smiles 
PO Box 175
Kimberton, PA 19442-0175



KIDS Sponsorship Yearly Donation using Paypal: 


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